DENMAC has embraced pre-fabrication and modular construction techniques to design & manufacture finished modules in our factory in a controlled environment and all under the one roof.

Using specialist design software, DENMAC can rapidly produce optimally designed BlueScope TRUECORE light gauge steel frames with precision accuracy. Vapour Barrier is then applied, following by the specified external cladding product and silicon/gasket seal. The individual modules are transported in batches to site and craned & fixed into position by our experienced installation team in a fraction of the time of traditional construction techniques.

Call our team to learn more about how our Modular Façade team can save your project time and money through reducing the structural steel requirements at design stage and significantly reducing site installation time.

DENMAC has extended our Façade offering beyond Architectural External Cladding to provide Architectural Ceilings, Architectural Roofing and Building Interface Elements including sunscreens, louvres, lightboxes and other elements.