Partial recladding to full cladding replacement, DENMAC are the external cladding experts

With over thirty years’ experience, DENMAC are market leaders in the provision of reclad and retrofit services for the rectification of buildings creating new, modern and fire compliant facades. Our expertise and access to materials of the highest compliance standards allow us to provide cost effective, recladding solutions.

As a Licensed and Approved Installer of a wide range of external cladding products including solid aluminium (powdercoated, anodised and PVDF coated), aluminium composite and bonded aluminium materials, terracotta clay tiles, finished and pre-finished CFC products, laminate composites and wood grain cladding products; as well as providing glazing, louvre and screens products and services; DENMAC provides a fully integrated reclad service for our clients.

DENMAC’s 50-strong team of design, fabrication and installation professionals provides a comprehensive reclad and façade rectification service with the proven ability to deliver small reclad projects through to large scale projects requiring demolition, engineering and extensive project management services to ensure minimal disruption to tenants of occupied buildings.

Along with multiple small reclad and rectification projects, DENMAC is highly experienced in managing very large multi-million dollar rectification projects in Western Australia under Design & Construction contracts. These projects incorporate comprehensive design services with integrated engineering and fire certification requirements, and fabrication & installation of multiple elements which can include:

  • Replacement of façade windows and new supporting structural steel to ensure full weatherproofing and aesthetic enhancement of façades.
  • Full reclad of all existing non-conforming aluminium composite panels with an appropriate cladding material which could include solid aluminium, bonded laminate or FR Aluminium Composite panels depending on the circumstances.
  • All new vapour barrier, insulation and substrate behind all replacement cladding.
  • Supply of all access including scaffolding and traffic management.
  • The provision of a comprehensive set of management plans tailored for the specific project to deliver the works including site movement and security plans.

Taking enormous pride in design and craftmanship – we stand for safety, quality and durability.

If you are concerned about your façade or have a building that has been identified as requiring to be reclad, please do not hesitate to contact DENMAC for assistance and support via the following contact form or call on +61 8 9249 2800.