DENMAC is the exclusive Western Australian supplier of the new MetecnoKasset® AS5113 compliant product range.

MetecnoKasset insulated façade system

Metecno PIR Façade Panelling

Stemming from the Metecno PIR Products and Systems range, MetecnoKasset introduces a new level of safety, insulation and durability to the Australia building industry. Available to use as a curtain wall or window wall system, this revolutionary new insulated façade panelling provides builders and developers with the opportunity to build, clad and insulate simultaneously. Additional to its versatility, one of the main advantages of the MetecnoKasset range comes from its modified Polyisocyanurate (PIR) fire-retarded core which sets a new standard in fire protection and thermal properties.

Australian Made 

Developed out of an industry need for safer working conditions and increased efficiency on construction sites, the new range allows local builders and developers to reduce on-site costs which can be translated through to end users. Manufactured right here in Australia, MetecnoKasset is available in a range of COLOURBOND® colours and offers a much more efficient alternative to tilt panels due to its narrow wall profile which saves on floor space.

Durable and Versatile

Thanks to its highly durable and versatile nature, MetecnoKasset offers a more affordable insulated system that is easy to install, whilst reducing dead loads to minimise impact on lower building floors. A major benefit to builders is the ability to install the system from the inside of buildings, reducing installation times by up to 50%. Alongside its improved thermal properties, the system is suitable for low and high rise buildings thanks to its wind rating up to 250 metres, whilst also being available as a curtain wall system or modular unit to achieve seamless wall and window junctions.

AS5133 Compliant Cladding

With a Polyisocyanurate fire-retardant core and a new level of advanced thermal properties, this complete façade system is introducing unrivalled fire protection to the Australian property market. Rigorously tested to Australian Standard AS5113 – External Wall and Fire Spread requirements, the MetecnoKasset system is able to ensure premium structural safety thanks to external wall/fire spread requirements and fire propagation testing. Whilst meeting the highest fire safety benchmark in Australia’s built environment, DENMAC is excited to offer this exclusive level of thermal protection to clients, as Western Australia’s only supplier of AS5113 compliant fire protection cladding.

Prefab Sections Delivered Direct to Site

Having the ability to build, insulate and clad all within the same external façade system is a unique opportunity to bolster on-site efficiency to new heights. The product also comes with an added benefit of easy installation as a result of lightweight panels which can easily slot into place securely on site, minimising on-site equipment and human resource. A much faster and economical alternative to tilt panels, the system negates the need for perimeter scaffolding due to its ability to be installed internally, over handrails or behind screens, thus negating the need for perimeter scaffolding. Clients will enjoy increased efficiencies leading to on-site cost reductions, leading to a safer, faster and more cost-effective fitting process.

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