Location: East Perth, Western Australia
Client: City of Perth
Architect: Ahmad Abas
Artist: Brian McKay
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • Aluminium steel construction and polishing
  • Impossible Triangle installation
Status: Completed November 1999
  • Construct
  • Design
  • Fabricate
  • Urban Art

In 1999 DENMAC had the honour of working with leading WA artist Brian McKay and architect Ahmad Abas on creating the iconic “Impossible Triangle” art installation situated in East Perth. The art installation was part of the East Perth Redevelopment Project which sought to convert 38 hectares of industrial land into a liveable suburb adjacent to the Perth CBD. At the time this was the largest urban renewal project undertaken in WA.

In 1997, Brian McKay and Ahmad Abas submitted their design for the major commission in which they were successful. Inspired by the Penrose triangle first articulated by the Swedish artist, Oscar Reutersvard the “Impossible Triangle” sits a massive 13.5 metres high and has remained an East Perth landmark for 20 years.

DENMAC was responsible for the design, fabrication and installation. The polished steel striations reflect both artificial light and sunlight, dramatically changing between sunrise and sunset a feature we achieved for the first time on this project.

Working on a project of this magnitude presents its pressures and difficulties however our experience in working with similar structures fully equipped us to ensure a structure was built that would withstand the elements and test of time.