Location: Riversdale Road, Burswood, Western Australia
Client: Jonathan Tarry
Artist: Jonathan Tarry
Value: $145K
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • Free-standing artwork
  • Wall artwork
Status: Completed March 2016
  • Architectural Metalwork
  • Fabricate
  • Facade Elements
  • Urban Art

Internationally acclaimed artist Jon Tarry, with numerous public and private art commissions in Australia, the USA, the Middle East and Europe, explores art and architectural conditions as an investigation of spatial intelligence. For Jon, the act of generating his art is as significant as the work itself.

Jon Tarry has trusted DENMAC to fabricate and install some of his most prominent works in the metropolitan Perth area and further afield in Canberra.

For the Fusion Apartments project, DENMAC was commissioned to design in 3D and fabricate a 1.5 metre tall free standing artwork. The artwork was made of mild steel, welded and folded by DENMAC in a rather intricate way and was eventually powder coated in a vibrant red colour. This was installed by DENMAC as a free-standing piece on a concrete wall creating a bold focus point at the front of the building.

A wall artwork made of anodised aluminium perforated panels and coated in a gold colour was fabricated and installed by DENMAC’s Metalworks division. Spanning along the side wall of the building it creates an interesting feature visible from the Graham Farmer Freeway next to the building.

See more at fusionperth.com.au