The Connect South initiative was officially kicked off over the weekend, with our DENMAC team delivering and installing a 5 tonne numbat as part of the Mends Street Piazza project.

In sparkling sunny conditions on the Sunday morning of August 11th, the 6.5m tall numbat was the first of a series of animals to arrive on site. The structure is the first of two canopies coming to the area, with a frilled-neck lizard and a series of 10 meerkats also planned to be introduced shortly thereafter. This exciting major City of South Perth project kicked off earlier this year and is set to ignite the community with a unique blend of history, wildlife and culture, communicated through modern art.

Lights, Shadows And Aluminium

Constructed from plate aluminium in an origami-style design with articulating planes to reflect light and shadow across the surfaces, the numbat weighs approximately 5.5-6 tonnes and is 23.5m long, 6.5m tall and 5.6m wide.

DENMAC Numbat Canopy August 2019

Thanks to carefully considered design and fabrication of these unique structures, passing footfall will be treated to a display of light and shadows from the aluminium based canopy. The structure will represent the visual aesthetic of animals, with the upper body resembling envisaged to capitalise on bent aluminium to create an engaging play on light and shadow, whilst the underside set to introduce aluminium ribbing, expected to reflect onto the river to look like an upturned boat.

Underbelly of DENMAC Numbat

The aluminium will be finished with painted geometric patterns with some aluminium plates punctured to allow for transparency and to create the aesthetic of the animals. Depicting earthy Australian tones, bronze, yellow, orange, gold, red and stone have been used to paint the numbat.

Igniting Our Wildlife Along The Rivershore

DENMAC team is excited to introduce our work to the community after working alongside Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects to fabricate these unique canopies. These structures are all part of the Connect South initiative from the City of South Perth which aims to connect the Perth Zoo to the Mends Street Jetty – seen as the gateway to the Perth city. When deciding on the ideal animals to use for the installation, the numbat and frilled-neck lizard were selected to pay homage to the Zoo’s continued support and dedication to the conservation of wildlife and native fauna.

A Boost For The City Of South Perth

The Mends Street Jetty was hand-selected as an ideal site for the installation due to its ideal location, offering residents, community, tourists and visitors the opportunity for a vibrant welcome, with a nod to the local Australian wildlife.

DENMAC truck delivery of numbat


City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty, described her excitement for the first animals of the Connect South project arriving on site. As an avid supporter of the project, Mayor Doherty described the impact these structures are expected to have within the community.

“The public art elements are sure to become conversation pieces and add to the vibrancy of the area. While some of the art is already there for you to see, there’s much more to come as we edge closer to completion of Connect South.”

Doherty went on to describe how the installation will come alive in the evening thanks to strategic lights and shadows in its unique design. “The canopies lighting up as the sun goes down, with the stunning backdrop of the Perth CBD and up to Kings Park, promises a vista yet to be experienced.”

Stage One of the Connect South project is scheduled for completion in November 2019, with future pieces set to add to the charm of the Mends Street Jetty project. We look forward to continuing the work on this revitalisation project in one of Perth’s premier locations.