Location: Rudd and Moore street intersection, Canberra, New South Wales
Client: Jon Tarry
Artist: Jon Tarry
Value: $300K
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • Design assistance with artist
  • Drafting
  • Manufacture
  • Treat and Paint
  • Installation
Status: Completed October 2011
  • Fabricate
  • Urban Art

The street Sculptures are based in the heart of Canberra creating a vibrant sophisticated welcoming. The two mild steel artworks standing over 8 meters tall were custom manufactured by DENMAC and designed by well-known Western Australian artist Jon Tarry.

The artworks were signature Jon Tarry piece’s and given the long standing relationship between DENMAC and Jon, DENMAC were able to develop a strong understanding of the vision that Jon wanted to capture. Artwork 1 was called ‘Sky Shard’ and was the largest of the two at 2.5 meters wide and 8.5 meters high. Artwork 2 was ‘Magenta Fold’ and spanned 1.9 meters wide and 8 meters tall. Drafting in 3D was a key requirement to ensure a precise fabrication of the signature pieces.

The Artworks are located on a 4-way intersection on opposite corners. A noteworthy success of this project was the superior logistical management employed by DENMAC including liaising with interstate transport, clients, trades, underground services and shrink-wrapping painted components for safe transport to ensure a seamless project delivery.