Location: Perth Airport, Western Australia
Client: Built Environs
Architect: Woods Bagot
Value: $3.2M
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • 3,173m2 of Alucobond Aluminium Composite Cladding (internal and external)
    1,450m2 of Hunter Douglas Façade Cladding
    Architectural Metalwork
Status: Completed August 2015 (52 weeks project duration)
  • Architectural Ceilings
  • Architectural External Cladding
  • Architectural Metalwork
  • Commercial Metalwork
  • Recladding and Facade Rectification

The Feature Works on this project comprised the design, supply & installation of 3,173m2 of Alucobond Aluminium Composite Cladding including Bondek and 1,450m2 of Hunter Douglas Inverted Rib to Plantroom. In addition, DENMAC designed, supplied & installed a range of architectural metalwork products.

The Internal Aluminium Composite Cladding was a feature component of the ceiling of the internal passenger terminal with a design reminiscent of the internal bulkhead of a commercial airplane.

Detailed Scope of Works:

  • FT-01 – Alucobond Fascia and Soffit – 1,008m2
  • FT-06 – Alucobond Wall Cladding with Bondek Bomb Blast Wall – 890m2
  • PL-51 – Alucobond Internal Fascia to Pier Link – 75m2
  • PL-51a – Alucobond Internal Curved Feature Cladding to Pier – 1,200m2
  • FT-02 – separate Bondek Bomb Blast Wall – 125m2
  • FT-16 – Hunter Douglas Inverted Rib to Plantroom (including double skin CFC backing and sisalation) – 1,450m2
  • Architectural metalwork including specialist security bollards, buggy rails, trims, rails, ladders, gantry’s and screens.

DENMAC’s Scope can be summarised as follows:

  • Full workshop drawings, samples and prototypes.
  • Supply and Install of Alucobond and Hunter Douglas linings and cladding including all sub-framing, linings, sisalation and silicone required.
  • Supply and Install of Bondek to meet airport bomb last requirements.
  • Responsibility for all access equipment, associated tools and equipment to complete the job.
  • Full-time Site Supervisor and site office.

Quality of Construction

At DENMAC we pride ourselves strongly on the Quality of the work that we produce (two of DENMAC’s key values are that “We Care” and have “Pride” in what we do) and this project is a very good example of this ethos.

The Quality of our work on this project is best demonstrated by the internal cladding works DENMAC performed for the New Pier and Terminal Extension at the Perth International Airport which created a unique challenge combining both architectural and structural elements to meet strict airport requirements, whilst not compromising the overall design intent.

These works comprised 176 metres of curved aluminium composite panels installed internally to the main skylight section of the new Pier. The combined skills of the Façade & Metalwork divisions of DENMAC were required for the drawbridge style maintenance hatches that blended seamlessly into the cladding to provide access to a central walkway.  Each end of the curved feature was finished with what can be best described as a ‘concaved old fashioned lamp shade style look’, which blended into a smooth semi-circle to match that of the adjoining curved ceiling creating a sleek metallic finish.

These panels were designed to not need roll forming, rather they were all cut to measure and then installed to suit onsite. The Pier feature curved ends were created in one module and lifted into position onsite to save install time with the panels pre-cut to suit the shop drawings of the steelwork. This construction methodology ultimately saved significant site time and delivered a high quality finish (drawings showing the intricate nature of this work have been included in DENMAC’s submission).


In addition to the innovation required for the internal works described above, the external cladding systems needed to be designed to meet technical wind loading and bomb blast requirements. The external blast rated façade, which is particular to airport type applications, had a build-up incorporating many layers inclusive of a Bondek substrate installed in a vertical application.

Site Management

DENMAC had a strong Safety Record on this project and experienced no Industrial Relations issues or Environmental Management concerns with safety innovation deemed to be an important KPI for the Site Supervisors.