Location: North Perth Common, Western Australia
Client: BOS Civil and Emerge & Associates
Architect: Pennock Architects
Artist: Stephen Pennock
Value: $203,000
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • Shop drawings
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
Status: Completed June 2019
  • Construct
  • Fabricate
  • Urban Art

DENMAC were contracted to assist with the fabrication and installation of an urban activation for the City of Vincent as part of their North Perth Common redevelopment project. The piazza was formally introduced to the community on June 15th 2019 through a launch event where the City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and Perth MLA John Carey switched on the lights to the project, which had been two years in the making.

The shared space project was designed to introduce seating, artwork, lighting and event space into the local community, with the lighting piece a central part of the development, located at the popular intersection of Fitzgerald and View Streets.

DENMAC installed and fabricated the urban art pieces for our clients, BOS Civil and Emerge & Associates, which involved the production of shop drawings alongside the fabrication of the unique, illuminated rings. We worked alongside Pennock Architects, with owner Stephen Pennock contributing the unique designs that introduced a modern element into the historic architecture of the North Perth community.

One of the factors which stands out most on the North Perth Common installation is the use of light and shadows, powered by projectors which added a burst of colour and vibrancy to the area through aerial illumination. One of the aspects we are most proud of in the installation are the interactive lights which respond to passing footfall and traffic who travel underneath the rings at night.

The North Perth Common project was conceptualised from internal feedback from within the community and introduces pedestrian comfort, energy and popular meeting spots inside the popular inner city suburb. The project, steered by the North Perth Common Working Group, is part of the City’s major open space initiative for 2019, with a $741,000 budget allocated to the project, including a $250,000 contribution from the State Government.

The result is an introduction of public art in an urban activation which adds personality, functionality and vibrancy to this popular part of North Perth, best seen at night for the effects of the glowing rings, or enjoyed throughout the day during family and community events.