Location: Cockburn Central, Cockburn, Western Australia
Client: PS Structures
Architect: Peter Hunt Architects
Value: $750K
DENMAC Deliverables:
  • Composite cladding
  • Secondary steelwork subframe
  • Vapour barrier
  • Wall Insulation
Status: Completed September 2016
  • Architectural External Cladding
  • Commercial Metalwork

The Cockburn Police Stations is a completely brand new building providing an up-to-date police facility for the southern suburbs. DENMAC completed construction of the composite cladding works to the external façade of the building and soffits to the carpark area.

The cladding works was completed using a composite cladding panel built on a secondary steelwork subframe system. The cladding system is a sealed system with 14mm express joints which are sealed with a polyurethane based product. Behind the composite panels there is also a vapour barrier installed as a second line of defence against water ingress. The carkpark soffit works were hung from a suspended subframe system which included a bulkhead step to the full perimeter, creating challenges ensuring all other trades coordinated where they ran services to ensure there were no clashes with the cladding works. DENMAC were also required to install insulation boards to all the blockwork walls covered by the composite cladding.

The composite cladding consisted of two (2) Alucobond colours used to create a contrast between the walls and awning areas of the buildings. The selected colours were Anodised Look C32 used for the walls with the awnings being completed with Cream 102. All composite cladding installed at ground level to 2m above ground were reinforced with a ply backing to help prevent future damage.

The construction phase of the project presented several challenges including being a very tight site with minimal laydown areas for storage of materials. All areas were accessed from EWP and roof access as required. All the secondary steelwork was prepared on site with composite panels measured by the site teams. The composite panels were then manufactured offsite in DENMAC’s factory and transported to site ready to install.

The result is a state of the art police station which will service the rapidly growing Cockburn City region for many years to come.