On June 15th 2019, the North Perth Common project finally came to life and welcomed the local community with open arms. DENMAC proudly contributed to the new initiative, designed to introduce a hub of activity, communal facilities and improved pedestrian links within the popular inner-city suburb. The opening included a welcome to country and smoking ceremony, alongside a host of free kids activities, local musicians, food and live painting.

DENMAC were proud to be a part of the new activation, working with BOS Civil and Emerge & Associates to fabricate and install a series of illuminated rings, designed by Stephen Pennock from Pennock Architects, which now stand on the corner of Fitzgerald and View Street.

City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole was particularly thrilled to see the North Perth Common Piazza come to life, as she foresees drastic improvements to the community through the installation where she explained, “ With more trees, seating, a dramatic artwork and space to hold events, it will bring people to North Perth and give a great boost to our local businesses.” 

Community fun at the launch of the North Perth Common Piazza

Two Years In The Making

Designed to offer a pedestrian-focused facilities within the local bike friendly zone, the North Perth Common project was the product of collaborative community feedback collated and processed by a working group dedicated to improving the suburb.

Concepts of the design were first released earlier this year, detailing the lighting art installation, as well as the green shared spaces planned for North Perth residents and local footfall. Finally coming to fruition after two years in the making, the space has been well received among the community.

Kids playing at the launch of the North Perth Common Piazza

Bringing Heart And Soul To North Perth

City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and and Perth MLA John Carey were present at the official opening, both helping to turn on the lights to the vibrant coloured rings which interact with passing traffic and pedestrians. When asked about the initiative and how it will affect the local area, Carey explained, “These reasonably small projects can go a long way towards making neighbourhood strips more attractive places for people to be.”

The project was a key election commitment from Mr Carey, who described the project as being “…all about giving heart and soul to North Perth.” – a home suburb to more than 8,500 people (source: REIWA).

Interactive & Responsive Lighting

One of the key features of the installation are the three coloured rings which project a series of circular patterns onto the road below. Powered by suspended lights and tailored projectors, the lights move and morph within their natural environment, remaining interactive and responsive to passing vehicles and pedestrians, whilst creating a striking effect that can be seen from afar.

The 3 rings at the DENMAC North Perth Common Piazza

Innovation is a key driver for DENMAC, and we were proud to deliver the interactive lighting feature which came to life at night, creating a unique vibrancy for the area, in line with the goals of the North Perth Common project itself. Sharing our passion for innovation, the locals have welcomed the new additions to the community, describing it as lively and welcoming.

Twilight rings at the DENMAC North Perth Common Piazza

Government Funded Investment

The urban activation of the North Perth Common was part of the City’s major open space initiative for 2019, with the State Government contributing $250,000 towards the $741,000 project. DENMAC’s installation is a key part of this, providing aerial illumination to the area at night, with a burst of colour and vibrancy adding to the otherwise quiet street.

The project also provided opportunities for local Perth artists to get involved, like Matthew Wong’s urban mural activation, which saw a series of multi-coloured painted benches installed throughout the suburb.

The North Perth Common project is certainly an initiative we are proud to be a part of and we look forward to further developments in this space from the City of Vincent. For full details on this installation and some of our other work, browse our Urban Art installations or contact us for more information.